Somerset Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Assn

Making a Better Fishery Future



  •  opposes unsustainable water hervesting from all waterways.
  • supports the developement of new species for stocking.
  • supports a zero bag limit / take of all cod in the Brisbane River Catchment.
  • reserves the right to self representation to all levels of government.
  • opposes all commercial fishing / commercial harvest of fish or crayfish in non-tidal waters.
  • believe that all commercial fishing competitions / tournaments (i.e. where money is charged to enter &/or prizes awarded) held on stocked waters should seek the endoresement of the relevant restocking group. And that the fishery should not be negatively impacted as a result of the commercial event.
  • supports the phasing out of opera house style nets, or any other nets that do not allow for the escape of non-target species eg rakali, platypus or turtles.





SWFSA aim to:

  •  create, manage and maintain recreational fisheries by way of restocking native fish.
  • protect and assist in the recovery of threatened and endangered fish species.
  • raise awareness of ethical fishing practices and best practice fish handling.
  • promote the work of the assn by way of engaging media outlets and maintaining social media presence.
  • to play our part in a fair & equitable freshwater fishing lincense scheme.
  • engage with other community groups to achieve common goals.
  • to see the re-establishment of self sustaining freshwater Cod species in south east Queensland waterways to 50% of pre-European settlement numbers.