Angling Species found in Lakes Somerset & Wivenhoe

Bass Australian Bass. Native to the Brisbane River system. Will not breed in lakes. Needs constant restocking to keep numbers up. Fair eating. Bag limit of 2 in possession , minimum size of 30 cm. Somerset & Wivenhoe.
Yellowbelly Yellowbelly. Not native to Brisbane system but is stocked under permit each year. Will not breed in lakes. Average eating in smaller specimens, can be rather fatty in larger fish. Bag limit of 10 in possession, minimum size of 30 cm. Somerset & Wivenhoe.
Mary River Cod Mary River Cod. Introduced from the Mary River to replace the now extinct Brisbane River Cod. May possibly breed in lakes if established in enough numbers. Exceptional eating quality. Totally protected in the Mary River system. Somerset & Wivenhoe.
Fork-tailed Catfish Fork-tailed Catfish. Native to the Brisbane system. Found in Lake Wivenhoe only. Regarded as a pest by many anglers but is a hard hitting hard fighting fish with moderate eating qualities. Freely breeds in Wivenhoe. No bag limit, no size limit. Wivenhoe, possibly now in Somerset.

Saratoga. Introduced under permit from the Fitroy Eiver system.
Exceptional sports fish that will freely breed once stablished. Poor eating. Bag limit of 1 in possession, minimum size of 50 cm. Atkinsons, Somerset & Wivenhoe.

Spangled Perch Spangled Perch. Intorduced to the Brisbane Valley in the 1940s from the Murray/Darling system. Breeds freely in lakes. Should be destroyed if caught. No bag limit or size limit.Somerset, Wivenhoe & Atkinsons.
Tilapia Tilapia. Introduced pest. All tilapia must be destroyed of captured and no part to be returned to the water. Will breed in large numbers in lakes. Somerset & Wivenhoe.
Snub Nosed Gar Snub Nosed Gar. Native to Brisbane system. Introduced to Somerset from Wivenhoe in the 1990s. Will breed in lakes. No bag limit or size limit. Somerset & Wivenhoe.
Qld Lungfish Qld Lungfish. Introduced to the Brisbane system in the late 1800s & again in the 1930s & 40s. Totally protected species. Somerset & Wivenhoe.
Banded Grunter

Banded Grunter. Introduced from northern waters possibly with a consignment of bass fingerlings in the late 1980s/early 1990s.

All banded grunter caught here should be destroyed. Somerset & Wivenhoe.

Eel-tailed Catfish Eel-Tailed Catfish. Native to the Brisbane sytem. Continues to breed in lakes. Somerset, Wivenhoe & Atkinsons.


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