SWFSA Members

SWFSA Membership
Oridnary membership to SWFSA is free.

Executive Committee 2008 / 09
President - Robin Caddy
Vice President - Dale Sinclair
Treasurer- Glenn Hercules
Secretary - Garry Fitzgerald
Assistant Secretary - Jen Caddy
Hatchery Manager - Kevin Horsey
Fish Stocking Coordinator - Bunny Qualischefski
Assistant Fish Stocking Coordinator - Dale Sinclair

Somerset District Council Representative
Robin Caddy
Bruce Pearce


Ipswich City Council Representative
Heather Morrow
Ipswich City Council



South East Qld Water Corporation Representative
Rohan Thorogood
South East Qld Water Corporation




Brisbane City Council Representative

SWFSA Life Members
Bunny Qualischefski
Col Tronson
George Turner (deceased)
Mark Glindermann
Pat Evans
Bob Jackson
Kevin Horsey
Garry Fitzgerald

Past Presidents
Greg Russell
Kevin Horsey
Terry Mead
Pat Evans
Garry Fitzgerald
Greame Lehmann
Robin Caddy


Please send all correspondence to:
The Secretary
PO Box 541
Ipswich. Q. 4305
or Email Us

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