The Kirkleagh Klassic will not be held in 2007 due to low water levels in Lake Somerset

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Kirkleagh Klassic Rules

Over the course of the last 15 years the Kirkleagh Klassic Family Fishing Competition has become arguably the biggest and most popular freshwater fishing competition in Australia.
With some great cash & prizes up for grabs and the chance to fish on one of Queensland's premier freshwater impoundments, it is little wonder that competitors come back year after year. The large camping area has great facilities for camping with several amenities blocks that have hot showers that never run cold and clean toilets. Electric B B Qs under shelter, drinking water and fire wood are provided & there will be hot food /cold drinks for sale on site for anyone who doesn't want to take cooking gear along.
Launching a boat at Kirkleagh is a breeze with upto 8 lanes of boat ramp in three locations (handy if there are windy conditions prevalent) and there are many places where campers can set up on the edge of the lake and pull their boat virtually right into their camp, get in early for the best spots! There is also a boat ramp available at the front of the lake at The Spit.

In the past organisers have leased the entire Kirkleagh Recreation Area from the water board. As there is now a private enterprize operating Kirkleagh Campground this arrangement is no longer possible. Competitors (only) in the Kirkleagh Klassic won't need to purchase the normally required SEQWC boating permits that usually apply,and a reduced camping fee will be charged by the operators of the Kirkleagh Tourist Park to offset the cost of cleaning etc for the weekend.

There will be a entertainment for competitors on Friday & Saturday nights.
There are several different divisions that competitors can choose. The main competition is based on a secret length system (secret weight in the past) so that those who catch the biggest fish are not necessarily the winners. No cheats here. The categories that are available are Bass, Yellowbelly, Silver Perch and eel tailed catfish in both senior and junior divisions. Each competitor can measure-in 2 of each of these species can per session.

The Kirkleagh Klassic is also attractive to sports minded anglers.
There is a catch & release section where extra incentive prizes are on offer for anglers that choose to release their fish. A new concept was trialed last year will again happen this year. This is the use of on-water mashalls who will be able to measure and release fish for competitors convenience. These marshalls will be identified at the pre-competition briefings.
There will be a special "catch and release only" tent situated on the lake edge so that anglers can bring in their catch for measuring without leaving their boats. But remember that a suitable live-well must be used, as any fish that aren't in good condition may be rejected by the judges for the catch and release prizes.
The catch and release concept has been getting more popular as the years go by, why not give it a try?

Something new in 2005 will be a Teams Divsion, where 2 people can fish together in a team (must be in the same boat) and may continue to measure-in fish after their 2 "secret length" entries have been measured-in. Only those entered as Teams can continue to measure in fish after their 2 fish per session. The Teams Division will have extra prizes up for grabs & only costs an extra $5 per competitor ($10 per Team)

*Mary River Cod & Saratoga are in the 2005 Kirkleagh Klassic strictly as Catch & Release ONLY. These fish will only be measured-in if they come from a suitable live well and the fish are in good condition.

Any tilapia, banded grunter, spangled perch or fork tailed catfish caught will should be destroyed & disposed of in bins provided at the campground.

All fish that folks want to take for a feed should be taken to the measure-in station at the main staging location at Kirkleagh, not to the on water marshalls or water side measure in station.

Prepaid entrants can pick up their Competitor Cards at the staging area at Kirkleagh after 5:00am Saturday.
There will be a pre-competition briefing that will be held at the staging area at 5:00 am on the Saturday. As there are different rules this year, it is important for everyone be attentive. All competitors must attend to collect their Competitor Cards before going fishing, you cannot measure-in any fish without yours. There will be a further briefing at 8am for the late arrivals & for those that sleep-in. Anyone jumping the gun on the start won't be able to measure-in any fish until they attend a briefing & collecting their competitor cards.

The 2005 Kirkleagh Klassic will be on October 15 and 16 at Kirkleagh Recreation Area, Lake Somerset. Entry fees are Senior $30 & Junior $5 with an extra $5/person for Teams Entry ($10/ Team)

As in previous years, all monies raised will go directly towards fish stocking initiatives in lakes Somerset, Wivenhoe, Atkinsons Dam and surrounding waters. In the previous Kirkleagh Klassic , over $14 000 was raised for fish stocking initiatives. Without this annual event, the sponsors & the entrants, the great fishing on offer in the Brisbane Valley Region would not be what it is today.

Inquiries should go to or telephone 0419 552 646

Hope to see you there.

Somerset & Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Association incorporated. (including Atkinsons Dam, Swanbank Lake, The Brisbane & Stanley River & tributaries)

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Kirkleagh Klassic Rules

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