Introducing the Somerset & Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Assosciation. Inc.

Under the Queensland Government Recreational Fish Enhancement Program, fish management groups were formed throughout the state to develope and manage recreational fisheries in the lakes and waterways in their geographical region, with Australian native fish.
With this as their aim, the SWFSA was formed for the Brisbane Valley region which encompasses Lakes Wivenhoe and Somerset, the Brisbane & Stanley Rivers and their tributaries. SWFSA also originally responsible for the management of the mid-Brisbane River (from Lake Wivenhoe downstream to Mt. Crosby Wier), but has given this area over the the Brisbane Valley Anglers - Fishstocking Assn.
In recent times, SWFSA has also absorbed the Atkinsons Lagoon Fishstocking Assn. and is in the planning stages to begin a fish stocking program at Swanbank Lake at Ipswich.

Our committee is a community based organisation consisting of local councillors, businessmen, representatives from various local fishing clubs, individual anglers, conservationists and interested members of the public.
SWFSA, working with the Qld Fisheries Services and the South East Qld Water Corporation (formerly know as SEQWB) aim to promote freshwater fishing as a recreational past-time and to ensure a continuous supply of native freshwater fish for present and future generations in the Brisbane, Esk, Kilcoy and Ipswich regions.
Our fund raising activities range from fishing seminars, raffles and art unions to the annual Kirkleagh Klassic Family Fishing Competition, which has grown to become the premier freshwater fishing comp in Australia.

SWFSA are a member of FFSAQ.

SWFSA meet every 3rd Wednesday of the the calendar month at Fernvale Futures Complex at 7:30 PM. Anyone is welcome to attend. Local fishing clubs are encouraged to send a representative to all SWFSA general meetings to play an active role in their clubs fishing future.


Please send all correspondence to:
The Secretary
PO Box 541
Ipswich. Q. 4305.

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